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Here you will find the diverse images captured and created by Lar Matré, to whom some have referred to, in editorials, as a Master Photographer. If you knew him, you’d know he never shot a photograph to impress anyone, other than himself (or the occasional client). 😉

A lifelong, 45-year passion, pushing Lar to each new challenge … be it stop-action race photos, freezing vehicles traveling at over a football-field-per-second … or capturing 24 still images, so as to stitch together and create one seamless, 360°-by-360° photograph of a non-existant world or even click the one right here … or simply capturing the mundane, though seen through his mind’s-eye, causing people to stop and look at something differently, even though they see it every day.

Welcome to Lar’s Gallery. Please do not hesitate to make special requests for prints of any photograph on the site … whether listed as an available print in the Gallery Store, or not.